Photograph by Angie Dube Photography

Photograph by Angie Dube Photography


About sex therapy

Sex therapy is a type of non-touch psychotherapy that focuses on challenges with sex and sexuality. Despite the fact that sex is a normal and integral component of health and mental health, most counselling training programs provide brief and inadequate training in this area. I have supplemented my clinical training with two intensive, post-graduate programs in sex therapy. These are two of only a handful of accredited training programs in sex therapy in North America.  

In my clinical practice I can address a range of concerns that might otherwise go unaddressed in psychotherapy, such as: 

  • arousal and desire concerns,
  • desire discrepancies within a couple,
  • difficulties with climax,
  • emerging sexual identities,
  • development of intimacy,
  • open relationships and extra-marital affairs,
  • diversity of sexual expression (BDSM, tantra, etc)
  • cybersexuality,
  • sexual trauma and rape,
  • pedophilia and minor attraction,
  • zoophilia,
  • problematic sexual behaviours/sexual compulsion,
  • socio-cultural factors associated with sexuality, 
  • painful sex.

Although some people seek out a sex therapist to work on sexual enhancement, more typically my clients are feeling really stuck and have reached the limit of their own internal resources and external supports. My goal is for you to have a safe, professional atmosphere in which to openly and non-judgmentally explore what's concerning you. 

Sex is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be explored.